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Player Information:
Name: Alex
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Character Information:
Name: Mavis Dracula
Canon: Hotel Transylvania
Canon Point: Pre-zing; en route to the village for her first "human experience"
Age: 118
> Movie
> Mavis
> Dracula
> Hotel Transylvania

There is no better introduction to this world than the marketing brochure for Hotel Transylvania, which was smuggled into human hands and has been transcribed for you below:
Welcome to Hotel Transylvania!

Established as a refuge for monsterkind, this icon of the supernatural world is certified to be human-free and has been since 1898! We have many special features and options available for the discerning monster that seeks a relaxing vacation from the horrible prejudices and riotous attacks of humankind.

Exclusive Resort Location!
Our grounds are completely isolated from the human world and feature the creepiest in defences that our kind has to offer. We use the natural protection of the Carpathian mountains to avoid detection by the hundreds of spy planes that the humans fly every day in an attempt to route us out. They may be cleverly disguised as shared transportation, but we know that these 'Air Transylvania' monstrosities keep an ever watchful eye.

Those that may make it into these mountains must then brave acres upon acres of haunted forests (services eerily provided by Poltergeists'R'Us, a long-time partner of the hotel) and somehow find the secret access routes that would lead them to our final and greatest lines of defense.

First comes the cemetery, the resting place of our ever professional undead army; our zombies are some of the best, with centuries of decay providing them with a terrible stench to drive the humans back. They are many in number and specialise in slow, ambling movements to herd away all unwanted comers. They also serve as spectacular bellhops, carrying your luggage to your room and making sure your necessities of unlife are met to the highest standards.

Second and last of these final defense are the piranha-infested waterways surrounding the hotel. We stock only the most bloodthirsty variety and keep them on a diet of fresh meat which ensures that they will always go into a frenzy at the first splash of flesh. (Please note that any valuables or persons that enter these waterways do so at their own risk. Hotel Transylvania does not hold responsibility for limbs, life, or luggage lost to our defence piranhas.)

We here at Hotel Transylvania would like to remind all guests that these safety precautions serve as a barrier against idle human curiosity. It is still wisest to not draw their attention and therefore fireworks and large bonfires are completely banned on our grounds. As the wisdom of the Steins goes: "Fire bad."

Excellent Customer Service!
The legions of the undead are but one facet of the multi-talented workforce that we have assembled here for your comfort! Whatever you need during your stay, our staff will be more than haunted to provide it for you.

Housekeeping services are provided by the lovely Witches. They appear on their broomsticks at the first sign of unwanted slime and use magic to ensure that everything is good as new. And if you do not want your room made up by these most beautifully warted ladies, be sure to advise your shrunken head and they will pass the message on to all who near your door!

Maintenance and security is provided by our battalion of possessed medieval armour. Connected by the torment of the souls trapped within them, they provide an instant network of communication to ensure that all requests for repairs, security, and other needs are immediately forwarded to the appropriate monster for action.

We are also pleased to announce the masterful culinary skills of Quasimodo and his lovely assistant Esmeralda the Rat oversee all dining and catering here at the hotel. Overseeing our five-scream diner, he is most skilled in the preparation of devilled eggs, poisons, pickled eyeballs, and worm-rotted flesh. No matter your tastes, you will find every dish to your satisfaction during your stay here.

Accommodations for Every Type of Monster!
From the smallest flea to the largest yeti, we have accommodations to suit every monster known in the supernatural world -- as well as many unconfirmed sightings, right Bigfoot? Wink, wink.

But, no, we digress. Designed first with vampires in mind, all curtains and window shutters are completely impenetrable by the scourge of sunshine. Coffins for daytime sleeping are provided upon request and only the finest blood substitutes are brought in for consumption. We here at Hotel Transylvania know how filthy human blood is and would never think to stock such a low quality substance. Garlic is strictly off the menu and, for tradition's sake, we discourage wooden stakes on the grounds as, hey, who wouldn't die from one of those?

That is not to say that other monsters must sleep in coffins and drink blood, not at all! Werewolves will find that our Pack Suite has room for their myriad offspring and that full moon lighting can be magicked up upon request to set the mood. Daily grooming is available and live sheep have been recently added to the room service menu to satisfy any midnight cravings.

     "The room's spacious and the complimentary puppy pads are a real floorsaver, Drac; we'll be back for the next full moon!"
     - Wayne & Wanda Werewolf, long-time patrons

Flesh golems brought to life by mad scientists who choose to arrive in pieces will be assembled by our zombie desk staff, who shall not rest until they get the right limb placed in the right socket. And also the left in the left! We provide priority shipping services for those who wish to depart in this more economical fashion, with overnight options available to those that have a dank and musty castle nearby.

     "Drac's zombies are where it's at! They've never sent my right arm to Shanghai or my left to Cuba unless the rest of me was going!"
     - Franken "Frank" Stein

     "They use only the very best Styrofoam padding! Very classy."
     - Eunice Stein

Exotic monsters looking for something a little more close to home need venture no further than this most remote section of Transylvania! We have accommodations for terrifying mummies, sneaky invisible men, and any other non-human under the moon!

No Humans Policy
The very core purpose to Hotel Transylvania is to provide a refuge away from prying human eyes, human prejudices, and unwarranted attacks on our kind by these crude, uncivilised, hateful creatures. We keep constant tabs on their movements in the wild, providing reports to our guests as to their developments towards a monster-free planet.

Humans have long hated all things non-human and often have marched against our kind with pitchforks and fire, declaring us to be the unnatural spawn of shadows. Why they think this is only partly understood, for we have all abandoned our human-tormenting ways in favour of more sustainable and clean sources of food and entertainment.

To both protect the hotel and its guests, we do insist on a completely human-free property. No human parts, blood, or living portions are permitted lest the information reach humankind and they amass in a tide of violence, pitchforks, and torches for the sake of hunting each and every last one of us to extinction.

Thank you and enjoy your stay!

- Count Dracula, owner & manager

Our insider was able to also obtain a single sheet advertisement for a monumental event occurring at Hotel Transylvania in the year 2012! A transcription of this is provided below:
Hotel Transylvania Presents:
Mavis's 118th Birthday Bonanza!

Count Dracula would like to invite you to a weekend of fun (bingo, water aerobics, and zombie Mozart) and games here at the hotel. We will be celebrating my daughter Mavis's one-hundred-and-eighteenth birthday, which makes her officially a monster and not a minor in our books!

Though her mother, Martha, cannot be with us for this most celebratory occasion due to the burning hatred of humanity, we are excited to announce that a special birthday present made for Mavis by her mother prior to that event will be delivered to her this year.

Do not miss the fun and excitement! If you do, I will hunt you down and drag you here myself.

While these two documents give an excellent insight into the world of monsters that exists upon the same globe that humankind inhabits, it is important to note that two missed details.

The monsters (and the humans) have a very strong belief in the concept of a "zing" -- commonly interpreted as being love at first sight. Count Dracula and his wife, Martha, "zinged" when they met and true. love was the only outcome. All monsters believe most heartily in the "zing" and have been witnessed to encourage and support any "zinged" parties in uniting with their other half.

Finally, the monsters perception of the humans as outlined in these documents is somewhat out of date. In the century during which monsters withdrew from the public eye, humanity began to embrace them. They have even become great fans of them, holding conventions to celebrate the terrifying majesty of such creations as Frankenstein. However, the monsters fear the humans so much that they do not approach or see these signs as anything positive.

Mavis may be one-hundred-and-eighteen years old and she may be on the cusp of monsterhood, but she is still a child in many measures and in many eyes, most importantly in those of her father. Count Dracula did everything in his power to ensure that Mavis grew up without the anger and the prejudice of the humans, taking this task to the extreme by having Hotel Transylvania built and raising her there. She's not bitter about this, perhaps because she doesn't know that anything and everything could be different (though she wants to learn about and understand more than just the hotel). The only world she really knows is that of the hotel and so the supernatural seems normal to her, as does her father's constant protective presence.

More than anything, Mavis has a close and positive relationship with her father and it is one reciprocated by him. They are all that the other has by way of family and that's formed an incredibly close bond between them. Trust is inherent in that relationship and it never occurs to her that Dracula could be breaking hers by allowing her out of the castle to visit a village (created and staffed by his zombies to reinforce her fear of humans and, in the long game, keep her safe with him). In fact, finding out late in the movie that he did that serves to break her heart almost as bad as Johnny (her zing) does in rejecting her as a monster.

Truthfully, trust tends to be given out by Mavis on a free basis. Sheltered as she is, she does not understand that people out there exist that could hurt her (with the exception of humans always being a threat on her mind, per Daddy Dearest) and as such is not selective with who she befriends and who she trusts. On the whole, she's very friendly for the vampiric stereo type and is not shy about saying hello to strangers. Nor does she hesitate from offering help -- exemplified best by her reaction to the "human" zombies in Dracula's mock village. Mavis keeps trying to talk with them and project the best example of a monster, even offering to help them when they catch on fire. While this is future to her canonpoint, it is a perfect example of how helpful, trusting, and sheltered she really is.

That she has little experience with deceit makes it no surprise that she's an honest young woman that stays very true to her heart and goals. "Determined" is an apt descriptor, for a Mavis with a goal is a Mavis that will not be deterred. Whether she need barter or bargain for it, she will work hard to get what she desires and will not relax or let up until it is done. When her father promised she could visit the human world when she turned one-hundred-and-eighteen, she proceeded to remember that fact for decades and even rehearsed a speech to deliver him should he try to go back against this word. So driven is she to her goal that she even started to deliver the spiel after he said yes, needing a moment for it to sink in that his protection instincts were being reined in by his promise.

While she can be described as headstrong (see: above), this trait occurs more situationally with her. Mavis trusts and respects many of the male figures in her life and will defer to their authority frequently, though (as any teenager would) she often questions her father to understand better why he wants and needs things done the way they must be done. There are times she even speaks out against him, often acting impulsively in these circumstances by saying what comes to mind without full realisation of the impact.

This isn't to say she's incapable of being stubborn. Heck, no! See the fact that she held onto a promise for decades in order to call her father on it. But she is still young and can be distracted from some of her lesser important goals by the experiences and urgings of those she respects (her father, the Steins, the Weres, Griffin the Invisible Man, and the Mummy for example). And, hey, she can be distracted in general by things that she loves, such as scream cheese and, as discovered post canon point, the sunrise.

The sunrise provides an interesting point with Mavis due to an obsession she has with a Hawaiian postcard that represents the paradise where her parents had their zing moment. Because she grew up without a mother, Mavis tends to pursue any line of thought that can help her understand Martha and the romance that her parents had. This is why she has a bit of obsession about "Paradise" (which is what she misinterpreted the postcard as representing) and wants to see Hawaii more than anything. It's a bit of a romantic fancy of hers and proof that she's definitely a dreamer that wants to see and understand the outside world that she's only seen hints of while growing up.

A teen-pire in a world of monsters, she wants to be treated like an adult and given the freedom to pursue that (see that deal with her father about leaving the hotel) and she hates being treated like a child. Despite this, she displays a number of childish traits in her inexperience, in her impulsive nature, in the fact that she can get over excited and start rambling at the smallest gains, and that she tends towards the dramatic when things she thinks should go her way don't necessarily do so. She can and will employ a pout and resorts, even subconsciously, to emotional manipulation like many her (sort of) age do. She will snap and say things she doesn't really mean to say. She'll be emotional and cry at times because, above all, she's still growing up.

Count Dracula raised his daughter to be capable and confidence as a vampire, giving her all of the lessons and things that she needed to be happy. This means that Mavis has no problem using her powers or transforming into a bat, doing so quite frequently in the company of those that expect it. When confronted with someone that's not used to seeing it, especially if they react oddly, she tends to become a bit self-conscious and nervously tries to talk about it. She does worry about how the outside world will receive vampires and, once zinged, about how Johnny sees her.

Overall, Mavis resides firmly in the Good end of the spectrum. She's a dreamer that misses her mother and she desperately wants to see the world after a lifetime of being cooped up in a hotel, but she also loves and is loyal to her father. She doesn't want to hurt people, much as she herself does not want to be hurt. She's honestly more the type to ask why people just can't' all get along.

Tu Shanshu:
Mavis will be cautious and self-conscious during her first interactions with humans and kedan, but that will no doubt shed very quickly as she gets caught up in the excitement of not only meeting humans, but finding out that they have changed and do welcome her! There are so many curiosities to be explored and maybe one of them even know where this Ha-whee-whee paradise is! (On the assumption that her vampirism is not rejected by the others; should the opposite prove true, she is likely to withdraw to herself and state that her father was right.)

Oh, and sorry to disappoint, but the turtle will not be getting the standard Draculine accent. Mavis speaks clearly, without a hint of her father's accent and remarkable little of his diction (except when she is quoting him).

Mavis Dracula looks fine and fitting for the Count's daughter. Her skin is pale and hair black as midnight, which goes well with her clothing and make-up choices. She keeps her hair to the shorter end of the spectrum, with the tips brushed outwards and barely touching her shoulders. Most frequently she wears a short black dress with red-and-black stockings, plus red converses and fishnet gloves. Monsters generally refer to her as cute and maturing into a beautiful maiden of darkness.

The daughter of Dracula has all of the abilities of a vampire as dictated by this world, as well as all the weaknesses. However, her skill pales compared to her father and therefore some abilities he is shown using (such as immobilising animate objects with magic) are currently out of her skill and experience range.

Batman, eat your heart out. Mavis can shift in and out of bat form at will, the magic of it changing whatever out layer of clothing she is wearing (such as a brightly coloured Hawaiian shirt) into a tiny, bat-sized piece of apparel. In this form, she is capable of conversing with people and can be very expressive. She flies quite well and is very agile in the air. She demonstrates complete comfort with shifting by flying up in the air, shifting to normal form, and easily shifting back to bat form long before the ground ever becomes a concern.

Gravity Schmavity
Part of the vampiric skillset is a complete and utter disregard for gravity when it comes to walking. Mavis is as comfortable on the ceiling as she is on the wall and the floor, treading all over each without a second thought. She's been doing this since she was a baby-pire and is not apt to stop now.

Vampires can move extremely fast and stealthily at will, with Dracula frequently shown to raise a current of air with his passing during the movie. Mavis is also seen appearing and disappearing in quite the speedy manner, though her speed is marginally less than her father's.

Mavis is seen tossing a suitcase about with ease and her father frequently drags a twenty-one year old human about with all the effort that one takes to move a piece of paper. The limits of vampiric strength are not tested during the movie, but could theoretically be capable of lifting a vehicle.

Dracula demonstrates the ability to force his will upon others by making eye contact and explaining what he needs done. This results in complete control of the other's mind and can include the erasure of memory. Mavis is young and not shown using this ability directly, in addition to having a personality type against the idea of forcing others, therefore will not be using this power. Note: Contact lenses proved to completely block this power from taking hold of a human. LET'S HEAR IT FOR TECHNOLOGY.

Blood Reliance
The vampires of Hotel Transylvania subsist on what Dracula refers to as a blood substitute, indicating that they do need some form of blood to survive, but that it does not have to be human to sustain them or their strength. Mavis and her father actually avoid human blood as one can never tell where it's been. She will need to find a substitute in Keeliai, but her canon shows that she can also eat bugs and worms (wormcakes, yum).

Sunlight Allergy
The greatest weakness of any vampire in her world is their intolerance of the sun. Even the relatively weak light of dawn is enough to cause her skin to start to burn. Prolonged exposure would lend to her entire body burning up. The older the vampire, the longer that they can survive (as seen by Dracula managing to survive direct sunlight for over ten minutes between catching up to a plane, talking to Johnny, and then forcing the plane to return to the airport). Mavis, being younger, would have a much shorter time before full immolation.

Vampires are also susceptible to fire and many number of things that kill normal people. Dracula confirmed that they do not like garlic and that they, like just about anyone, would die from a stake to the heart.

Mavis comes directly from flying to a "human village" to check out whether the prejudice against humans has faded. This means that she comes with her normal attire and nothing particularly special.

Earth Sector,
Mavis is honest and dedicated, much like the merchants and workers of this sector. Having grown up in an excessively large hotel, she is rather used to space and would enjoy three floors for a sense of familiarity. Also, the hotel was built out of stone and brick, making the construction materials of this Sector the closet to Home Sweet Coffin (though she doesn't sleep in a coffin, being a forward-thinking vampire).

In-Character Samples:
Third Person:
There are a half-dozen magazines scattered across her bed, pages strewn open at random articles that she picks up, reads, and discards at random. Her birthday is coming up again and it's the big one-eighteen, so she's nervous as her father races about the castle in preparation. That means he's been leaving her to her own devices and she's a bit lonely, but there are still many things to keep her occupied in the hotel before the guests begin to arise from their crypts and trudge their way to Hotel Transylvania.

Those many things are the magazines, all of them the latest reads for the modern young monster and she's been devouring them page by page. Her black lacquered nails are trailing down the words of the latest Seventeen-Hundred issue as she scans how best to drill a beetle's carapace to make a beautiful necklace suitable for any date.


Mavis smiles and thinks about that -- thinks about Paradise and her parents. Her dad promised that she can go once she turns one-eighteen and she can't wait. The very idea of standing where her parents met floors her every time and her foot starts to shift back and forth excitedly.

Three more days, Mavis. It's her reminder as she bites her lip, no longer paying attention as she flips through a sarcastic article talking about human reconnaissance determining that they now think vampires glitter in sunlight. (As if!) In three days, she can go. She'll miss her dad a lot -- she even thinks about asking him to come with her -- but she wants to do this. She has to do this! It's her way to see the world and maybe get a sense of her mother by visiting one of the most important places for Count and Martha Dracula.

And, maybe... Maybe Paradise is where zings happen, so who knows! She might meet her zing! A handsome vampire? A studly Stein? Mavis shakes her head with a giggle and drops the magazine, watching it fall up past her head and way down to the bed below.

"Mavis, my little blood orange!"

She stops at her dad's call and stands up, running across the ceiling and down the wall to meet him at the door, pulling it open just a peek. "Yes?"

"What are you doing in there, my baby bat?" he asks, peering through the slender opening of the door.

"Oh, nothing," she gushes quickly, waving it off. "I'm just reading all those magazines you brought me, dad. You know, all those articles with those ripped young zombies on the cover." Definitely not dreaming about dashing out the window the first twilight that fell on her birthday, no. Mavis is excited about leaving, but she loves her dad dearly. She's trying not to remind him about it because it'll make him sad -- or give him time to come up with a counter-argument of why she can't go, but no. She's prepared for that and has a speech all ready for when he tries to talk her out of it. She's going out to see the world!

[The suite is dark, all of the windows blacked out or curtains drawn and layered thickly upon her arrival. Mavis can be seen by the light of the console screen, however, and her expression is a cross between nervous and excited.]

This place is so different. There's so many of those nice kedan around to explain things. And people! Actual humans here! I can hardly believe it! That's so seriously cool!

[She shifts in her chair, almost bouncing with that nervous excitement.]

So, uh, hi. [She waves at the screen.] My name is Mavis Dracula.

[She bites her lip, a quick flickering of doubt accompanying the crossing of her fingers. The hope is evident in her gesture: Please, please let the humans like her! And not turn out to be murderously anti-vampire.]


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